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FIFA 16 – the single player

I’m up to Division 3 on single player seasons (two games away from winning the title) and here are my tips.

Do not attempt to play like you do online versus human opponents. The CPU will not play like a hyperactive aggressive 16 year old and will exploits mistakes you make on your Fifa 16 account. High pressure defense revolving around tackle after tackle will leak goal after goal.

The key on defense is to be patient. What I usually do is sprint to to get close to the ballcarrier and then back off and contain. Trying to tackle is mostly useless until they get to the final third of the pitch. The CPU has a ridiculous ability to avoid tackles and retain possession. Even when you do pull off a clean tackle, half the time they’ll find a way to trip/pull you back and get possession right back. Be patient until they close to the edge of the box then only commit to tackles when you have them surrounded or know you can keep it.

Use of second man press is a must but be careful because dragging the wrong player out of position will result in goals. Since tackling opportunities are rare and the defenders you don’t control can’t mark, I’ll use second man press to contain the ball carrier and manually shut down passing lanes. In general, I’ll only call the second man if it’s a midfielder. On occasion when I do use it do pressure with a defender it’s because I plan on switching to him immediately.

I prefer to play a slow, possession based offense for a few reasons. One is to prevent the AI from having the ball and driving me mad with their ball retention ability but also because the computer is really good at catching you from behind on a breakaway and magically taking the ball without a foul.

I don’t bother with crosses from outside the box, the computer CB will outmuscle your ST 9 times out of 10. I find skill moves on the edge of the box work wonders to create space for a shot/pass. Otherwise the AI has the ability to time their tackle right as you are about to shoot (triggering that infuriating whiff animation).

You can still counter with fast players, but you really need to be in a formation with 3 attackers, (ST/ST/CAM or LW/ST/RW). Little one twos in translation can work well to get someone in on goal but don’t cocky; expect the AI to recover instantly and be baring down on you from behind ready to bowl you over scot free.

Use sprint in moderation. The AI defenders are great at sticking out a leg, nicking the ball and tripping you as you try to buy Fifa 16 coins, irregardless of your pace, dribbling or his lack of momentum. The kick-off speed dribble past his entire team will not work. I generally use sprint to create separation after I’ve already beaten the man with skill/precision dribbling, rather than run right past him.